le!béton collection

| the concrete story |

Fashion means much more than just design, fashion is defined by art, by movements, Fashion means remix, going forward, and expressions.

Our Collection breaths an avant-garde air, strong scented in communicating the breaking-the-rules lifestyle. The main vision comes as an inspiration, created by Solid Elements, Angles, Geometry, and Dimensionality. 

Expressionism, Cubism, and Brutalism movements have a direct visual influence in building this collection, sharing the same clear forms and cuts that define shapes and silhouettes. The language of Brutalism conveys the usage of raw materials, long edges, and the type of sewing [sewn only with straight/linear stiching], mostly conceived as unfinished [just like the concrete architecture, unpainted].

Furthermore, the inspirations are mostly presenting a non-color pallet where light and contrast achieve the details. Deep Black and Ivory are the chosen details [Ivory being the natural color of the Gongolo Maglia fabric [primarily, a not cored fabric]. THIS IS ONE ELEMENT THAT IS HARMONIOUSLY ENTANGLED WITH NATURE [an initial contribution from the House of BERMUDA in the aid against global pollution ]. The material is then masterfully cut into triangular shapes, in one-sized items. 

Le Béton collection, [en: The Concrete] represents our manifesto towards stereotypes and gender preferences in society. Le Béton collection creates confidence for everyone in loving more their bodies. This message is expressed through our unisex style. Le Béton is not a trend; it is not fast-fashion. Le Béton describes a lifestyle, a choice; one main ingredient being the high-end-fashion resistance.